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Program Speaker

Alan Roadburg, PHD

Dr. Alan Roadburg's experience in the non-financial or lifestyle side of retirement planning is both academic and practical. He has a PHD in Sociology from the University of Edinburgh, and was a tenured professor at Dalhousie University, specializing in Social Gerontology (the Sociology of Aging), Sociology of Retirement, and the Sociology of Work and Leisure. During that time, he interviewed 400 retirees, and the results were published in his book 'Work and Leisure in Retirement'. He was also an Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University.

In 1986, Dr. Roadburg changed careers to establish the Second Career Retirement Program to develop and present his unique Life Goal Planning approach to retirement, for corporate and public sector clients (e.g. GM, Unilever, Bell Telephone, and many more). Subsequently, he began to specialize with various professional groups including dentists, physicians, teachers, and police officers, by surveying retirees from each group. Life After Dentistry is grounded in the results of research among 575 retired and semi-retired dentists in the US and Canada. This research is a unique and valuable resource for any retiring or retired dentist...

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