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Program Speaker

Speaker for Jack & Jill Cultural Exchange : Daniele Grammatico

Daniele Grammatico is an expert of the history and civilization of the Arab-Muslim World. He has a degree in Journalism from the University of Strasbourg (France) and Political Sciences from the University of Lyon (France).

As a correspondent in the Middle East for the French newspaper Libération at the beginning of the 90's, he covered the first Gulf War, the aborted peace negotiations and witnessed social changes which led to the raise of fundamentalism.

Established in Granada (Spain) 24 years ago, he has been the chief editor of the Arabic service of the Press Spanish Agency (EFE) and a collaborator during 10 years of the Heritage of al-Andalus Foundation, coordinating a Cultural itinerary including 20 countries of the Arab World and Spain. He has published several books and articles related to the wonderful common heritage. He has translated into French the inscriptions and poems in Arabic carved in the Alhambra palaces. Daniele speaks fluently French, English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

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