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Program Speaker

Kim Hutchinson, EdD, PMHCNS-BC, BSN, MSN, MS, CARN, RN

Dr. Kim Hutchinson is an advance practice clinical nurse specialist and faculty consultant. Professional work involves the revision of varied multimedia-based content for face-to-face, telephone, webinars, review text publication seminars that support success for psychiatric mental health nurses in acquiring board certification (BC).

These credentials verify attainment of knowledge and skills in this specific clinical service area that go beyond state-level licensure. Dr. Hutchinson is involved in professional membership activities in psychiatric mental health and addictions nursing which includes service at board of director levels. She has facilitated numerous didactic presentations, and has developed curricula content, papers and new practices. 

Dr. Hutchinson has worked in nursing since 1976 in roles as clinician, university faculty, researcher, expert, author, test item developer, consultant, and speaker. Recognition and awards have been earned from colleagues across local, national, and international practice regions.
BSN: 1977
MSN: 1980
EdD: 1996
MS: 2003