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Program Speaker

Lois Laynee, PhD

Lois is a dynamic, disciplined professional who has developed a wellness paradigm based upon the essential component of oxygen. She is passionate about educating all communities of the significance of the oxygen content in their brains as well as the rest of the body. Most importantly, she focuses on developing each person’s ability to impact their own physiology for themselves. In essence, her goal is to design airways for breathing.

Lois started with CranioFacial development as a Registered Dental Hygienist in the State of Illinois. In 1982, she moved to Arizona and has practiced the principals of prevention and wellness ever since. In 2000, she developed, built and staffed Homeward Bound Dental Clinic, supporting families of domestic violence to rebuild their smiles. Her core competencies include, but are not limited to, Restorative Breathing, Restorative Sleep, CranioFacial Homeostasis, Neuro Ergonomics, Ergonomic Stabilization, OroFacial Myology, Posture Restoration, Sleep Hygiene and Sleep Support.

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