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What are past attendees saying about our Cruise Meetings?

Comment from 03-11 Preventive Medicine and Preventive Cardiology:
"I have practiced family medicine for 20 years. I attend live conferences 1-2x every year. This is one of the few times in 20 years, I have listened to such a dynamic, intelligent, passionate speaker, Dr. Tara Dall. I never once looked at my watch during her lectures. Because they were so UP TO DATE, so interesting. It will change my practice in 10 of 20 patients I see every day!! I also extremely appreciated her information in non-pharmaceutical options (niacin, Vitamin D, fish oil). Amazing presentations." Thank you! Dr. Dall

"The past five years, I have been receiving my required 24 hours of continuing education from University at Sea/Continuing Educating Inc. They offer weekly sailings to desirable destinations on all cruise lines that fit my entire family’s needs! The booking agents are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and “hand hold” me during the entire process from flights, hotel, transportation. They also offer small group tours with fellow practitioners! The conference speakers are the top in the nation and I return to my clinical practice implementing the latest and current health practices that I have learned over the week. Continuing Education makes it so easy, enjoyable, and stress free that I leave the cruise refreshed and re-energized to care for my patients. Thank you for your excellent service over the years!" Dr. Irma Greco DC

Comment from 11-26 Women's Health:
"Excellent CME! Thank you. I would highly recommend this conference to friends and colleagues".

Comment from 09-04 Rheumatology and Pulmonology:
"This entire program was so awesome & very pertinent to what I deal with daily in my private practice".

I have just returned from the conference. It was arguably the best conference that I have attended in years. Really enjoyed it.  Dr. Anderson

This is a wonderful way to learn and see the world at the same time!  Dr. William T.

"I just returned from your Aug 12-19th Alaska Cruise (Cardiology Update). I thought the entire experience was exceptional. Your course was very professionally done and very informative! I will be returning for another next year!! Jerri H.

“I have been at this for 25 years, and I had done all the major cities and done a lot of the major conferences, RSNA and all those, and it’s just been a pleasant change of pace.”  (From Caribbean cruise.) Lawrence Duane, MD

“This is the most networking I have seen at any meeting I attend.” (From Alaska cruise) Howard Horowitz, ACPE

“This has been a raging success.”  Sandy Grizzard, MD

“It’s a very good way of getting some education, and it’s a good time.”  (From Alaska cruise) George Boll, MD, Ruth Boll, RN

“You guys are great.” (From Europe cruise)  Linnea Johansson, Director of Education, ACPE

“The organization of this learning experience was outstanding, as were the speakers and their expertise”. (From Alaska cruise) CT

“This is the best meeting I have ever had. Prof Farrar, Dr. Knab and  Dr. Koop were absolutely fabulous – thank you, thank you, thank you” Harry Zemel

“Wonderful practical advice and guidelines” Anonymous

“Course and program content were excellent” Anonymous

“I had no idea I could be this relaxed” Anonymous

“Dear University at Sea, Just a note to let you know we thoroughly enjoyed our emergency medicine conference at sea with Dr. Boon Chang and Dr. Vukiet Tran from Toronto. They were both excellent dynamic speakers who were engaging and made the conference very enjoyable for everyone. Even thought I am primary care physician and my wife is a dentist we both found the emergency medicine topics presented in a fascinating way. We highly recommend them for future conferences for both primary care and emergency physicians. Thanks for a wonderful holiday! Best regards”  Dr. Ken Lam and Dr. Lily Lo

Comments for 02-22 Preventive Cardiology:

"Thanks - great conference"

"Awesome course! Love both of the instructors. I learned a lot and I enjoyed the whole thing. I was never bored. I will highly recommend University at Sea to everyone."

"Great source of information - these topics haven't been addressed at previous cardiovascular CME events"

"This was my 2nd CEI cruise - another wonderful experience. Speakers very good"

"Excellent conference! I truly appreciate the quality and knowledge represented in the speakers"

"The meeting was excellent. Although I am not an emergency medicine specialist, the topics were very interesting and well presented. The mechanics of the meeting were very smooth" Robert P. Langen MD