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Continuing Education, Inc.
University at Sea
5700 4th St. N.
St Petersburg, Florida 33703
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Program Speaker

Philicia Jefferson, PhD, LPC

Dr. Jefferson holds a doctorate degree in counselor education from George Mason University. She is also a doctorate candidate at Logos University of Florida where she is completing the requirements for the Doctor of Ministry in Theological Studies. As a licensed clinical mental health counselor, she specializes in the effects of trauma on healthy development and relationships. She is also a Board Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator and holds the rank of Associate Professor at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary where she provides instruction in the preparation of Christian counselors. She is also the Founder of the National Christian Counselor Institute in Virginia where she welcomes individuals to engage in intensive weekends of training and collaboration.
Dr. Jefferson’s daughter, Charnita Allen, is a systems engineer and her late son Richard, was a career marine. She is married to Mr. Nathaniel Jones, a retired Federal Government Data Analyst.

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