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Thanks to you, we are able to provide support to these and other charities doing on-the-ground, humanitarian work.

Program Speaker

Darryl Moch, MEd

Darryl Moch is the founder of Innergy, Incorporated, a nonprofit community empowerment and faith-based organization working to eradicate poverty on all levels to improve quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre, Dance, and Psychology (Clinical Counseling); a Master of Education degree in Counseling; and a Master of Fine Arts in Theater from Alfred University. Darryl! is completing his doctorate in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Transformational Leadership. His passion and work is centered and rooted in social change, social justice, and equality for all people. Moch is a social entrepreneur, inspirational and motivational life coach, mental health specialist and master trainer. He currently provides consulting services and training in Mental Health in DC and MD and for nonprofits organizations providing DEI(B), Administrative, Leadership, Program, Community Engagement, and Development consulting. He has created and provides CARF accredited training and is a train-the-trainer on many DC Behavioral Health supported training.